Victa Corvette 200 Lawnmower 18”

c4f4ad1d3388f897e9087be16383ce1b.jpgVicta is a household name amongst lawn lovers is Australia as they have been using their cutting machines for a long time. The lawn caring tradition has been passed to the next generation successfully; however, the new generation is still using the same old machines used by their parents, thanks to the longevity of their products. There are people who are using machines for past twenty to even 25 years.


As Victa has always strived to serve their customers best, they keep on building new products for their customers using the latest technology. They have a complete range of cutting machines. Every machine has something unique that others don’t have. Since there have been so many products, it sometimes become difficult for the customers to decide which product they should buy for their backyard garden.


It also depends upon the nature of its use. There are products which suit domestic use while on the other hand there are products which suit commercial or professional use. The professional machines are expected to work much longer than domestic machines so they are equipped with more sophisticated equipments. In case, you are confused and are not in a state to decide by yourself, you should come to authorized dealer of the company and tell your needs. The authorized dealer will guide you which product you should buy for your garden.


Victa Corvette 200 lawnmower is equipped with 550EX Series 140cc OHV Gross Engine that produces torque of 5.5ft/lb. With their ‘ReadyStart automatic choke’ feature, you won’t have to struggle with machine starting. It is an engine that does not become problematic even during harsh weather when other engines fail to start in first turn. It runs on petrol.


It features a chassis made of strong pressed steel. The pressed steel does not rust out hence adds to the longevity of the product. It also has no problem with water as steel does not rust even in water. The height of cutting level is between 11-75mm with 13 different cutting positions that prove to be a great helping hand for the operator. People can produce different designs in their garden based on heights with the help of this great feature. It also serves you well when you are not working on a plain surface.


It is also equipped with a mulching kit that blocks discharge and doesn’t let it go out. The mulching kit is fully compatible with mower as it converts long grass into small pieces and proves to be a huge blessing. The machine comes with a 3-year engine warranty from Gold Dealers. The plastic of catching bin is rigid and tough. Overall, it is a strong machine that is expected to serve you for 30 years.


Briggs & Stratton Corporation is the owner of Victa that is famous worldwide for manufacturing small engines. The engines produced by them are considered best in performance and many lawnmower companies are their customers. All of these companies purchase engines from Briggs & Stratton to put into their lawnmower bodies.   


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