Buying your First House? Then You May Need a Basic Garden Tools List

Buying_your_First_House_Then_You_May_Need_a_Basic_Garden_Tools_List1.JPGBuying a new house for the first time can be a mountainous task. First time home owners generally don’t own gardening tools, so purchasing these tools has to be their first step towards keeping gardens, lawns and exteriors tidy. Here are certain basic tools that are a must-have for every beginner as a garden owner. 


Garden Spade:

This tool is a must have for digging soil, making holes or shifting soil from one place to another. Border spade and digging spade are primarily two types of garden spades used by most gardeners. People with weak arms or back looking forward to dig large amount of soil can opt for a border spade.



This tool is helpful in cutting weeds just below the soil’s surface in vegetable plots. It helps in killing weeds and slowing down perennial weeds. If you intend to preserve your plantation and its produce, then you should positively get this gardening tool.


Hand Pruners or Secateurs:

This tool is ideally used for pruning stems up to 19mm thick. Anvil and bypass are two major types of secateurs. Most people go for bypass as they are capable of getting into tight spaces with ease. Thanks to their amazing cutting action, they prevent various plant diseases.


Watering can:

Applying targeted water to seedlings and young plants becomes an easy affair with watering cans. Their gentle spray doesn’t harm the plants.



They can come in handy for taking composts or tools from one place to another in garden. You can also use them for transporting debris to the compost pit.


Hand shears:

You can get a pair of good quality shears to trim hedges or overhanging grass at the edges of lawn.


Before buying any gardening tool, you should perform some basic research about its usage. The size and requirement of different tools tends to vary, so you get only those tools that make this activity a pleasurable experience and aligns to the landscape of your exteriors.

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