Husqvarna Brushcutters


Husqvarna 322L


This is an especially light trimmer with a straight shaft. The long reach loop handle makes it easy to turn and use the trimmer in different angles for trimming grass edges.

22.5cc Two-Stroke Engine
Weighs- 4.7kg



Husqvarna 525LST



Husqvarna 525LST is a straight shaft trimmer, built for tough commercial use. Top class performance is provided through raw powered engine with E-TECH II exhaust emission control, unique ergonomics and excellent durability.



Husqvarna 129R


The 129R features a powerful 27cc engine and professional quality, combined with a focus on ease of use.

It is easy to start thanks to Smart Start®, intuitive controls and the automatic stop return switch – a feature that automatically resets to the ON position for trouble-free starting. The 129R comes with a combination guard, trimmer head, grass blade and a bullhorn handle for comfortable trimming.


Husqvarna 525RS


The 525RS petrol powered brush cutter is a powerful and versatile machine for heavy trimming.

It has a robust design for reliable operation, even in demanding conditions. The machine is easy to use, maintain and service. The patented X-Torq® engine gives you more power, less fuel consumption and less exhaust emissions compared to a conventional engine.




Husqvarna 535RXT


Husqvarna 535RXT is powered by a tough 35cc Xtorq 2 Stroke Engine built for heavy use.
The machine is equipped with a comfort package including low vibrating springs. and comfort grip handles.





Husqvarna 545RXT-AT




Husqvarna 545RXT-AT is a brushcutter for professional users cutting or trimming long stretches of heavy grass or other vegetation. Its combination of power, performance and comfort means high productivity and low user strain.


Simplified starting procedure: just purge, push the start button and pull the cord. Powerful engine with X-Torq technology offers high fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emission levels, while AutoTune™ automatic engine adjustment ensures peak performance regardless of fuel quality, climate or altitude.


Balance XT harness, adjustable handles and efficient vibration damping help maximise productivity and comfort even for the longest, toughest jobs.





Husqvarna 555FX


 The Husqvarna 555FX is a very powerful forestry clearing saw developed for full time spacing tasks in tough conditions.

The X-Torq® engine provides raw power, rapid acceleration and excellent fuel economy. Short tube and bevel gear angled 24 degrees simplifies directional felling in dense forests. Very low vibrations thanks to LowVib®. Delivered with Balance XT harness.







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