Cub Cadet RZT S46 46” Zero Turn Mower

cub-cadet-rzt-s46-46-zero-turn-mower.jpgNot all lawn mowers will suit you if you have grown grass on steep and diverse terrain. Most of the lawn mowers work well on plain ground as there is nothing much serious about this kind of ground where all you have to do is just sit on your cutting machine and turn on the engine. Afterwards, the engine and cutting blade will do the rest while you just hold the steering wheel. Many cutting machines even offer you a cup holder means you can also take a sip of coffee while cutting grass from your garden.

It all seems to be favorite activity; however, sometimes reality appears to be a bit different than fantasy. It all happens when you decide to cut grass on a steep and diverse terrain. Since this kind of ground is not plain, your ordinary cutting machines won’t work here as they might not be able to maintain their balance on such a place. The solution to this problem is Cub Cadet RZT-S46 46’’ Zero Turn Mower. This cutting machine is especially designed keeping in view the needs of surfaces that are not plain. 

Since not all landowners can have plain ground, so there was a need to design a special vehicle for these special gardens. Finally, Cub Cadet took an initiative when they launched this vehicle for the first time in 2013 that delivers true zero –turn maneuverability that gives unmatched stability on any kind of surface. It includes all the necessary specifications necessary for this kind of machine like advanced cutting system, floating deck, blade overlap and optimal airflow. Its dedicated hydrostatic rear wheel transmission is fully synchronized with steering that reduces turf damage. The rear-wheel transmission provides zero-turn control. The rear-wheel transmission is the reason behind why this cutting machine works so efficiently on such an unstable surface.

A powerful engine is must when you are working on such a surface. So, it comes with V-Twin 725cc OHV engine with power 10.0kW and 2400rpm. It is equal to 23HP. They have used strongest cast iron in preparation of engine cylinders. Front axle is made up of cast iron and it is greasable. It includes a heavy-duty 12V sealed battery. Like all other lawn mowers, it also facilitates its operator in terms of seat adjustment. You have 12-position adjustment mechanism that provides 6’’ seat travel. You can either make it 6’’ higher or lower.

You apply brakes by foot when it is required to stop it. Front tyres are 13’’ wide while rear tyres are 18’’ wide. Rear tyres are made wider than front tyres so they can provide better grip on ground. The maximum speed it can provide is 7 mph. It comes with a 3-year conditional warranty. The actual performance of the machine depends upon factors like firmness of the ground, tyre pressure, and weight of the operator and length of the grass. Turning radius is zero while the capacity of fuel tank is 2.8 gallons. Weight of the machine is 565 lbs.


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