Which Lawn Mower Type Do You Need?

Which_Lawn_Mower_Type_Do_You_Need.jpgWhich lawn mower type do you need? Well, the process of choosing a lawn mower can be a daunting task due to the many models available in the market. Some of the factors that homeowners consider when selecting these machines include price, features and brand. However, one aspect that usually left out is the size and terrain of the lawn. Choose one that can perfectly mow around the flower beds or down hills without negatively affecting your landscape.

Today, we look the different types of lawn mowers that you can invest in.


Cordless electric mowers:

They are considered environmentally friendly because they do not release any harmful gasses such as methane and nitrogen oxides to the environment as compared to the past models. They are an ideal choice for cutting short grass in flat lawns. Some of the modern models are actually self-propelled, that is, they can cut and pick grass clippings for you. They are powered by batteries that have to be regular recharged. Since its cordless, there is no limit on the area that can be covered as long as the batteries are fully charged.

Reel Mowers:

This are also referred to as the push movers. You can purchase this model if your lawn is approximately 1,000 square feet or less. They work best on soft grass species such as Ryegrass, Fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. Just like cordless electric mowers, they are Eco friendly since they do not produce any noise or pollute the environment. The force exerted on the handle forces the axle and gears to spin simultaneously. This in turn produces a torque force that turns the cutting blades as you move along. It is important to note that it has two gears that are of different sizes.

Robotic Mowers:

Advancement in technology has actually revolutionized the manner in which mowers are designed and assembled. As the name suggests, these mowers are technologically advanced and can work under minimal supervision. They automatically move around a confined area that is preset by the users. In order to derive maximum utility from it, electromagnetic barriers have to be buried below the area to be covered. Just like the cordless mowers, they run on modern batteries that can recharge themselves by automatically moving to its charging station that is located outside the lawn. One of the major benefits of using a robotic mower is that it maintains a consistent grass height depending on it configuration.

Electric Rotary Mowers:

These are powered by electricity. Once you turn the switch on, its steel sharp horizontal blade will start spinning automatically as they cut grass into tiny pieces. Modern rotary mowers have a blade that can spin at a speed of up to 3,000 rpms. It has motor that is directly connected to a belt or chain drive shaft. Some of the latest models can carry out 3 tasks at the same time. That it, they can cut, bag or discharge the grass. It all depends with your needs and preferences. Its wheels only start spinning when the gear box which is connected to the axle rotates.

Petrol Lawn Mowers:

As the name suggests, this one relies on petrol hence you will have to periodically refill its fuel tank. Some models have 2 or 4 stroke petrol engine that rotates its disc blade horizontally. It is possible to alter the speed of the blades by just adjusting the throttle. The throttle actually controls the amount of fuel that flows past the carburetor into the engine. This in turn controls the amount of energy produces by the engine. The cutting height is dependent on the height of the rear and front wheels.

Closing Tip: Be sure to read and comprehend the user’s guide provided by the manufacturer so as to operate your selected lawn mower like a professional.

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