What Types of Chainsaws for What Jobs?


Chainsaws Different Types

There are quite a few types of specialized tools you may need for working in garden and outdoors. The chainsaw is one such equipment that was known to be a risky option earlier. However, you can use present generation chainsaws without much worry. They are manufactured with enhanced safety features. The inclusion of chain brakes, hand guards and throttle triggers has made them suitable even for casual users.


Various types of chainsaws

Nowadays, you can find three main types of chainsaws. Before you start shopping, it becomes important to know which variant suits your usage needs and budget well. There are many online shops selling various chainsaw models in Australia nowadays. You also need to consider running cost when buying any types of chainsaw for personal or professional needs.

  1. Petrol chainsaw is quite popular and it is used a lot in timber and industrial setups nowadays. It is driven by a two stroke small gasoline engine. However, you should not opt for them if the budget is modest.  They can be quite noisy, too. For their raw power, these models are used widely by professional tree cutters as well as landscaping specialists.

  2. Electric chainsaws are targeted towards home users. They do not produce as much noise as their petrol counterparts. Another advantage of using these models is that they do not generate any fume. It is not much mobile however and you are limited by the length of the power chord.

  3. The cordless chainsaws have gained popularity among users in recent times. While it is still driven by electricity, that is supplied by a rechargeable battery unit. This suits the bill when you want to use the unit in faraway locations where fuel supply is scarce. They are also preferred by gardeners working with small plants and trees. However, these models lack the raw power of petrol driven chainsaws.
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