Victa Lawn Mowers Review

Victa_Lawn_Mowers.jpgThe sheer range of supreme products offered by Victa has made it a dependable name. Their unfailing quality of workmanship and long life provide effective mowing capabilities as well as extra features combined with great durability and usability. Another reason why Victa has remained popular with users over the years is the affordability of the products, making Victa lawn mowers some of the most cost-effective machines available in the market at present. Read on to know more about some of the most popular Victa products and see why they are recommended.

Victa Razor Push

One of the most popular models of push style lawn mowers, the Razor is a workhorse which is extremely easy to operate and maintain. Powered by a Honda engine, the Razor starts up with a single attempt every time. The included mulching attachment is extremely helpful and the mulch also helps fertilize your fields and eliminates the need of extra labor. Cleaning is easy with a hose attachment, and the body made of alloy stays rust free for years. The Razor is extremely easy to push around, owing to its large wheels. Spare parts are easy to find and minor repairs can be carried out without spending much.

Victa Pace

An all-rounder in the true sense of the term, the Pace is a must have model in a number of homes due to its power and the extreme ease of use. Ideal for small to medium lawns, this model combines a decent amount of power with added features like a mulching attachment and versatile height adjustment features. Solid alloy wheels make it easy to maneuver and the light weight makes operation extremely comfortable. This model also works well on harder varieties of grass and a number of different kinds of weeds in your garden.

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