Victa Corvette 300 Lawn Mower 18”

230a209bc8d189677dfbbc10df4b7891.JPGAlmost every person in Australia who has some spare land within home territory likes to have a lawn. Thus, Australia has a lawn mowing culture. There are different companies dealing in this business. Every company has its own products with their own specifications and features. Amongst these companies is Victa that manufactures different kind of lawn mowers for different gardens and lawns. There are lawn mowers that suit small sized lawns and there are mowers that suit medium to large sized lawns..


Victa Corvette 300 lawnmower is a machine that suits medium to large sized gardens and lawns. It is said to be the most powerful cutting & mulching machine. It runs smoothly and it is completely hassle free to turn on his engine. Its ReadyStart technology has made it very easy to bring it into running state. Engine of this machine is originally made by Briggs & Stratton. The company is famous all around for making engines for small machines like Corvette 300. It runs on petrol fuel.


The width of its cutting blade is 18’’. Material they have used for building this machine is pressed steel. Steel is powerful than iron, also it does not rust. Like many other machines, you have choice in terms of cutting height. The machine provides you with a flexibility of cutting between 11-75mm. There are as many as 13 cutting height positions. An operator can select any position according to his choice and needs.


It is also equipped with a mulching kit that blocks discharge. The mulching kit stores waste inside it preventing your garden from looking bad. Material of mulching kit is rigid plastic. This plastic is light in weight but strong physically. 


As it is a push lawnmower, it comes with the support of comfort Grip with Lower Loop. Comfort grip makes it easy to keep machine under your control. The machine comes with 2-year engine as well as 2-year unit warranty. All Victa machines are fully backed by warranty. If there is anything in your machine that is not working properly, you can contact Victa customer service center to inform about problem. Within minutes, an expert will be at your doorstep. All you need to do is just tell him about the problem your machine is facing and he will fix it within minutes.


Victa is a major brand in lawnmowing products in Australia with history spanning more than 55 years. The company was originally launched at a Concord NSW backyard but grew up to become a major brand in grass cutting machines. It is originally owned by Briggs & Stratton. Overall, Victa is a big name that has hundreds and thousands of satisfying customers that have been using their products for generations.

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