Victa Corvette 100 Lawnmower 18”

9813b850dd215093e3226f29ec73674e.jpgVicta is a household name when it comes to garden and lawn caring. The company has been serving its customers for past 60 years and it just has no end. They are determined to serve customers even for next 200 years as well. There are many people around who have been using their grass cutting machines for past 20 years and still have no plans of changing as machines are going strong and owners are happy with their performance.


Victa had started its journey with their classic rotary lawnmower that proved a great hit. Since then, they have used their expertise to build many new machines and have established a complete range of cutting and other power-equipment products. Victa has always produced quality products that are practical and do what they promise.


Victa Corvette 100 lawnmower 18’’ is also such a cutting machine that is practical and does what it promises. It features 500E series engine by Briggs & Stratton that gives extreme level cutting experience. The 18’’ (46cm) wide cutting blades are capable of cutting hard grass which other lawnmowers can’t do well. Even if they do, their finishing is not at par as you can still see some grass left uncut. The powerful engine and sharp blades ensure that homeowners get a fine cutting experience.


There is a strong and comfort grip on handle that does not let you feel shaky. Its pressed steel chassis also add something to the cutting experience. They have attached a tough plastic bin with the machine that can catch all the cutting stuff easily and won’t get tired for next 20 years.


In order to fulfill the expectations of their customers, they offer 3-year mower and 3-year engine warranty. There are not less than 13 cutting positions which the operator can set while cutting. This is for the convenience of the operator as they can set any height level according to the height of the grass in their garden. It also helps you decide the height of the grass you want to see in your garden. The height levels also serve you in gardens where the ground level is not uniform. There might be some areas where the level of the garden ground is not same, the height levels helps you to work efficiently on these grounds.


If there is anything you are not comfortable with, you can contact the company customer service department at any time. If this is the first time you are considering purchasing a lawnmower, you can take advice from those who have already been using Victa machines for past many years. Australia is said to have rich lawn mowing culture as almost every home has a small garden in backyard. People are well aware of cutting needs and know what makes a grass cutting machine the best machine. They either prove to be biggest fans or critics, so companies have little margin of mistakes. They have to learn quickly from their mistakes if they want to survive as competition is already tough.


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