Tools used in Garden Edging


Garden Edging Tools

You need to use a number of tools and accessories to maintain a garden properly. It is not just enough to water plants and use fertilisers. You also need to use specific tools for edging the garden as well as landscape. When clean edges are maintained in a garden, however small or big, the plants do not get into walkways. These tools help people in shaping flower beds and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the landscape to a great extent. Some of them are discussed as below -


1.       Garden Hand Weeder - This is a versatile and multi-functional tool used for edging gardens. With this tool, you can easily remove weeds from tight areas and crevices in the landscape. It is best suited for use in small gardens. The gardeners can keep edging devoid of debris, grass and weeds.


2.       String Trimmers - String trimmers are used as a primary gardening tool in many areas in Australia. They are used to cut and edge garden parts with plastic string. Gardeners prefer using this tool in hard to reach areas.


3.       Landscape Bedshaper - This tool is used for garden edging in both maintenance and edge creation purposes. With this tool, gardeners can make new edges on raised flower beds.


4.       Other tools used for garden edging - If you do not want to buy specialized tools for edging landscape, basic gardening tools can serve as alternatives. By using shovel at the point where the grass meets the concrete pavement or sidewalk, you can define edging. This helps remove the grass protruding into the concrete area. In this case, rounded shovels are not as useful as their straight-edged counterparts.


You can also use wheel edgers that work like a rolling pair of scissors across grass and concrete meeting point.  They work well on grass that is already well maintained, but are a challenge to work with on thick grass. Some Australian gardening product shops also offer electric lawn edgers.

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