Tips to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Startup_Issue_in_Push_Lawn_Mower.jpgYard work is probably the last thing that can come in an individual’s mind during winter season. So, as the winter season sets in, signs of tension start to appear on the faces of those who own a lawn mower. But if you take out some time to clean and prep the mower before sending them on hibernation, then they won’t trouble you during next spring. Following are some steps to winterize your lawn mower:

Stabilize fuel:

If you happen to leave gas in the mower all winter, then you would have to take professional help to get it cleaned. This is one of the reason why you need to run the engine until there’s no gas left in lawn mower. It can avoid erosion, rust and engine damage while you leave the mower in the storage for the next few months. Before filling up the mower with gas, you should add fuel stabilizer to it. Thereafter, run the engine for some time to be certain that the fuel treatment circulates throughout mower’s carburettor and gas tank.

Remove the battery:

If you want your lawn mower to function properly after its hibernation, then you should take out its battery. It’s a well-known fact that batteries should be stored in cool and dry places. Lawn mower battery should not be placed near a furnace, heater or an electrical appliance. Get a battery terminal cleaner from your local shop and clean your mower’s battery terminal.

Clean the deck:

After using the lawn mower for one last time before storing it for next few months, you should clean the deck with a silicon spray. It prevents serious damage to your mower.

The above mentioned tips can be extremely helpful in winterizing your lawn mower. You can even consult your neighbours who own a mower and get some invaluable first-hand tips.

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