The DIY Way to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blade


How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

Regardless of the type of lawnmower it is very important that you keep the blade sharp at all times. Blunt blades bring the risk of yanking a lawn instead of pruning it. Sharp blade is also necessary to keep the mower smooth and you can quickly complete your lawn. Here are the DIY steps to sharpen your lawn mower blades.

  1. Remove the mower blade by unscrewing the nuts attaching to the mower. This should be simple and will need a wrench. Use some lubrication to make it easier to turn the nut.

  2. If there’s already some rust formation on the blade, scratch it with steel brush or wool until the surface is smooth and shiny again.

  3. Fix the blade onto a vice or at the edge of a strong work table.

  4. Run down a file through the cutting edge of the blade following the angle of the blade.

  5. If the damage is too bad, you probably will have to resort to a bench grinder or call in a professional.

  6. In case the damage isn’t that bad, run the blade across the grinding wheel and remove any form of gouges and nicks. This should bring forth a straight and smooth blunt edge.

  7. Continue with the grinding wheel until the whole length of the blade is sharp.

  8. To check the balance of the blade, hang it from the center using a Blade Balancer or otherwise.

  9. If there is any unbalance, you will need to get rid of some part in the heavier side. Don’t touch the cutting edge, but you are free to act anywhere else.

  10. Do this until the blade is completely sharpened and balanced. Reattach it to the mower when you are done.

If you are using a power grinder for sharpening, dip the blade in cold water after the process and before you reattach. Sharpening regularly will make your job easier and you can have it all done within half an hour at the most.

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