SupaSwift Lawn Mowers Review

SupaSwift_Lawn_Mowers.jpgThe SupaSwift line of lawn mowers have long been known for the excellent products that deliver their money’s worth in performance. In fact, a number of SupaSwift products are popular because their performance is even better than the more expensive models from other brands. Families have used SupaSwift lawn mowers for years, and still vouch for their quality of delivering high quality performance for even bigger sized lawns. This trust has been earned by a number of different SupaSwift models over the years, and we will take a look at some of the most well-known ones.

SupaSwift Little Bob

A legendary product that has achieved an almost cult status, the Little Bob has been one of the highest selling SupaSwift models for a long time. This is a mower for people of all ages, as the light weight makes it really east to push around, even for long durations. A no nonsense side throw lawn mower, the performance it shows in adverse conditions is superb. A great thing about the Little Bob is that you can purchase this as a mower base without the engine, and then custom fit the engine of your choice. This makes is possible for you to assign just about any amount of power to the mower, using the Little Bob as the base.

SupaSwift Blue

Another model which has received great reviews and adulation is the SupaSwift Blue. It is a true workhorse that delivers power packed performance everytime. A low noise mower with tons of features and a powerful Kohler engine, the Blue is built for performance. There are ten different cutting settings to choose from, and the machine has mulching and catching options galore. The height adjustment features make it easy to get a great performance out of this mower in any condition, and the large wheels allow for comfortable pushing even on uneven ground. Overall, a great product for all families.

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