Simple Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips


Lawn Mower Maintenance

Anyone looking to have a lush green and hygienic lawn should also understand the importance of keeping the lawn mower in perfect shape. Poorly maintained instruments will only meant that are carelessly used and the end product, the lawn itself, isn’t going to last for long. Maintenance of lawn mowers is quite simple actually and doesn’t quite demand you to be an engineer. Here are some simple tips that will make sure that your lawn mower is healthy and running in top condition.

  1. The operator manual is very important as it provides basic instruction on the technical aspects of the product and a preferred maintenance schedule.

  2. Keep a note of the number of times you use the mower and the duration for which it is operated.

  3. Store the mower in a dry and clean space. This minimizes the risk of rusting and the blades going blunt.

  4. Regular use is the only way to keep the moving parts of the mower smoothly running.

  5. It is recommended that you change the oil after every 25 hours of use. This increases the lifetime of the instrument remarkably.

  6. Dull and blunt blades will shred a lawn and thus it is necessary to keep them sharpened at all times. It takes a few minutes on the grinding blades to keep the blade sharp and shiny.

  7. Regularly check for loose nuts and joints. The shield and safety bars should be in their best form always.

  8. Regular cleaning of fans and intake screens is equally important for a smooth mowing.

  9. If you are storing away the mower for the winters and there is still some fuel, add a fuel stabilizer to minimize risk of carburetor clogs.

  10. Keep away dirt and dust when you are not using the mower. Thorough cleaning after use is essential.
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