Rover Pro cut 560 Self propelled Lawn mower 22”

d445b1c7f2a45e5a6e10a0cb01034afa.JPGRover is a famous company that deals in lawnmowers. They make different lawnmowers suitable for different sized gardens. Australia has a lawnmowing culture where almost every home has a small or medium garden. People use different machines to mow these lawns. There are different categories in these machines like push, self propelled, ride on and some others. All these machines have their own pros and cons and suit different grass areas.


Rover Pro Cut 560 Self Propelled lawn mower is a cutting machine that generally suits larger gardens. The reason is its 22’’ alloy deck. It has 4 swing back blades that provide superior cutting and make a great cutting team together. They also keep engine safe whenever a solid object hits machine. In this way, the cutting blades also protect machine by acting as bodyguards.


Machine is blessed with an OHV 910 196cc engine by Rover. Type of engine is self propelled which simply means operator does not have to waste his energy in order to push it. It runs on petrol fuel.


The wide and sharp cutting blades promise to give you a dream cutting experience. Unit is equipped with a rear catcher that catches little grass particles. It is actually a Mulch N Catch machine means it first cuts long grass into little particles then store these particles in a bag attached behind the machine.


They have added another great engine brake feature for the safety of engine. You can easily start or stop engine anywhere while cutting. It just requires a single push to turn on engine. All you need to do is just release the handle to stop the engine. This feature is complied with Australian Standards. No matter how harsh the weather conditions are, Rover Pro Cut 560 Self Propelled lawnmower won’t refuse to start.


Since it is a self propelled lawn mower, it provides an effortless cutting experience. The engine is made of cast iron. Its high zone air intake system ensures that engine always receives clean air which is necessary not only for performance but also for the life of the engine. This cutting machine is backed by 5-year engine warranty for domestic use and 90-day warranty for commercial use. If there is anything in machine that is not working properly, you can contact company and get it fixed for free during this time period.


There are a total 15 cutting positions an operator can select. Selecting a cutting position is extremely easy.  Don’t forget to read the manual if this is the first time you are going to mow a lawnmower. The manual will provide you with the necessary instructions an operator should keep in mind while mowing a lawn. Plus, there are also included some tricky points that you must remember. There are some safety precautions that will keep your life safe.

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