Rover Pro Cut 50 Lawnmower 20”

Rover_Pro_Cut_50.PNGRover’s Pro Cut 50 lawnmower is equipped with a commercial OHV engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton. It is a very comfortable machine with many useful features. It has easy fold handlebars that give strong grip over machine. It has one upswept upper handlebar and one piece lower handlebar. Its easy-push ball bearing wheels make it easy to move around. It is especially useful for old operators who don’t have much force to mow it for a longer period of time.


With thousands of satisfied customers around, Rover has become the first choice of people when it comes to mowing lawns. Pro Cut 50 lawnmower is user friendly as operator has extreme flexibility of adjusting the speed limit. The material of its catcher is plastic. They especially prefer rigid plastic for this task that is lightweight but strong enough to sustain any damage.


Unlike other machines that have 13 cutting height levels, this one has 12 position single lever height adjustment system through which you can adjust the height of cutting blades on 12 different positions. The 20’’ wide cutting blades promise to finish task quickly. Machines with such wide blades are considered ideal for medium to large sized blocks. With such wide blades, you can complete your task in fairly less time.


Customers from around the world have shown trust in engine’s starting capability which does not require second pull to get turned on. It comes with a 2-year engine warranty. It also has a unique feature that others lack. When mulching, the blades of the machine tilt back while they tilt forward for catching discharge. The basket has no problem in receiving when the blades are tilted forward.


Overall, it is a fantastic machine that is easy to clean and which keeps dust under control. Actually, Australian people deserve a machine that is strong and durable at the same time. Most of the machines from other brands fail to show excellence when it is required to trim against edges; however, Rover Pro Cut 50 lawnmower does not have any such problems. As it is easy to move it anywhere in the area, it does not put any extra burden on operator while mowing.


The machine is backed by 5-year engine as well as 2-year body warranty. In order to increase the performance of the engine, they have also equipped it with Hi Zone Air system that only provides fresh air to engine. The fresh clean air keeps the engine healthy and does not create hurdles in cutting operation. The operator feels happy as he does not have to take short breaks while doing work.


It comes with an instruction manual that every customer should read before starting it. The manual also includes some necessary safety precautions. You must read these instructions if this is the first time you are about to use a lawnmower.  

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