Rover / MTD Ride on Mowers Review

MTD_Ride_on_Mowers_Review.jpgMowing your lawn can become quite a chore, whether you like the activity or not. Conventional lawn mowers take quite a bit of effort to operate and there might come a time when you just do not feel up to it pushing a large machine all around your lawn, while being careful not to miss any part. If you find yourself in a situation like that, you can invest in one of a range of Ride On mowers from Rover and MTD. These provide you with a cart-like drivable carriage with the mower fitted onto it. This saves you from the physical effort and enables you to mow your lawn down to the last square meter in a relaxed, easy and fun way.

Rover Ride on Mowers

A reputed brand with a large following, Rover’s Ride On mowers bring style and functionality to the table. Right from their entry level models, the feel of quality is noticeable. The Rover Clipper models are particularly suited for domestic use with small to medium sized lawns, offering precision and great manoeuvrability. For larger areas and more dense growths, the Rover Rancher and the Rover Raider are great choices with a nice balance between power and speed. For more intense requirements like commercial use, the Rover Cobra really delivers great performance and superior durability.

MTD Ride on Mowers

MTD mowers deliver solid performance and pack in quite a lot of advanced and interesting features. For example, the MTD Yardman has an auto drive mode so you can reach and keep at a set speed without having to engage the throttle at all times. The Yard Machine series of mowers are great general purpose mowers, designed for medium use. Most MTD mowers come with the option of extra accessories such as mulching units and catcher kits.


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