Rover Lawn Mowers Review

rover_lawn_mowers.pngRover is one company that takes its lawn mowers very seriously, and for years has come up with a number of different sturdy yet trustworthy products for every kind of lawn mowing needs – be it a small sized or bigger sized lawn. There are a significant number of people extremely satisfied with their Rover lawn mowers and this admiration is solely because of value for money quality and usability that the brand offers every time it is used. Indeed, some of the Rover models are even better than much more expensive models from other brands sporting similar features. Here are some of the most popular Rover lawn mowers and some facts about them.

Rover 30329

One of the classic Rover products which is well known for its durability and performance, the 30329 is a veritable workhorse. There are people who have been using this model for over 10 years with very few minor repairs in between, and they still performed extremely competently, even when stacked against competition from more modern products. Usage is easy and efficient, and the mower also has great mulching capability. The cutting is clean, compact and elegant every time.

Rover Combat

Another classic lawn mower model from Rover, the Combat is known for being extremely easy to start. Combined with a comfortable hand and large wheels which make navigation easy, this model is a great hit with families all over the world. The powerful Briggs and Stratton Quantum engine gives this machine and a lot of strength and makes it particularly good for doing large lawns which have excess amounts of grass and weed. It does not use the push and prime technology, instead having a simple pull to start mechanism which works perfectly every time. The mower also uses 4-stroke fuel, which means you can operate it without having to mix special 2-stroke fuel daily.

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