Petrol Vs Electric Chainsaws

Petrol_Chainsaws.jpgChainsaws are an important tool to own for every house owner having a garden. A chainsaw can come in handy to effectively trim branches, dense bushes or even take down trees. Chainsaws come in two different types: electric and petrol. Both these types have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Let us analyse them one by one.


Petrol Chainsaw:

Petrol operated chainsaws are in use for many years now, so people looking out for a traditional option should go with them. They are relatively faster than electric chainsaws. In fact, with a petrol chainsaw you can cut thick tree truncks in a short span of time. These chainsaws are portable in nature, as you can carry them wherever you wish because they are bounded by electric wire. Generally, people opt for a petrol chainsaw when they have heavy duty task because they are powerful in nature. The engine size of petrol chainsaws is also one of the reasons why people go with them.


However, like any other product, petrol chainsaws have certain negative aspects. For instance, they are painstaking when it comes to maintenance. In other words, you would have to put in lot of efforts and time for the upkeep of these chainsaws. Since, petrol and oil are required to run these chainsaws, so turn out to be too expensive when compared to their electric counterparts. Their engines are too noisy, thereby making them highly inappropriate for suburban areas.


Electric Chainsaw:

The electric chainsaws are modern version of the tradionally used chainsaws. These chainsaws are highly suited for small tasks at home. They are lightweight and extremely easy to operate. They require minimal maintenance and upkeep. Unlike petrol chainsaws, they don’t make loud noise while working. They are environment friendly, as they don’t pollute the environment.


However, just like petrol chainsaws, electric chainsaws also have certain disadvantages. Since these chainsaws need power cables to function, their portability is immensely hindered. You can’t take an electric chainsaw in forested area due to lack of power supply points. Lastly they are relatively lesser powerful when compared to petrol chainsaw.

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