MTD 17/42 42” RIDE on Mower

V2W5-Resized320x240.jpgGrass cutting is a fun activity and almost every person likes it; however, different people use different equipments for cutting their lawn grass. Here, factors like cost, personal preference and targeted area play important role. Some people use small push on lawnmowers for their small to average sized gardens while some others like self propelled lawnmowers for the same purpose. For commercial purposes, it has seen people like to use ride on mower tractors as they have wider cutting blades that can cut grass of a large area easily.


MTD 17/42 42’’ ride on mower is such a tractor that is generally used for larger lawns and gardens and they are also generally used for commercial purposes. It is equipped with a 17hp Kohler Single OHV engine with a 6-speed transmission. It runs on petrol fuel and has a 5.7 litre fuel capacity.


It is equipped with 107cm (42’’) side discharge cutting deck and has 5-position height adjustment. The 5-position cutting height adjustment is for the ease of operator that he can change to any position easily according to his needs. If he feels that the lawn needs a major cut, he can choose the first position. The cutting position adjustment also plays its role at time when operator wants to create some design in the lawn.


It is also supported with a mulching kit, catcher, and bumper. These accessories, however, are generally sold separately as customers will have to spend extra money for getting them. Moreover, machine is backed by a 2-year non commercial warranty.


After the specifications and features, here are some important instructions necessary for the safety of equipment and operator. Before you start mowing, make sure area is clean and there is nothing serious that can harm engine of machine and its body. Carefully examine the whole area and pick up following items before mowing: stones, wire, toys, sticks and bones. There might be some other foreign objects besides these that can be problematic for the operator.


Before start mowing, sit for a while and make a mowing pattern such that to avoid throwing discharge on roads, bystanders and sidewalks. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses. It is for the safety of operator as there might be some objects that can damage your eyes. Never desire to operate this machine while wearing slippery shoes or sandals. The operator should be wearing close-fitting shirts and rough-soled work shoes.


Above all these instructions, it is also important to take proper care and maintenance of the equipment. Make a schedule for proper maintenance then remain stick to it.  Every lawnmower comes with a manual that include important instructions about equipment. Read the entire manual thoroughly before start working. Call the customer service department if there is anything in the manual you are unable to understand. You can also share your problem online by visiting the company website.

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