Husqvarna TS246 46’’ Ride on Mower Review

Husqvarna-TS246-46.jpgAre you a landowner who is looking for a cutting tractor that suits your needs? Perhaps, you have reached the right place because Husqvarna TS246 46’’ ride on mower is exactly for customers like you. This product is especially made keeping in mind the needs of large garden owners. It offers high maneuverability and like many other Husqvarna tractors, it provides you durability and comfort.


So, what is so special about this machine that bloggers are writing so many positive reviews about it? First, unlike other tractors, it includes 2-cylinder engine which simply means more power. Moreover, it is a choke-less engine means it only demands a simple touch by operator for working. Like many other tractors, it also relies upon side ejection. Side ejection is better as it does not become a hurdle in your work and you can continue work like for hours. The cutting deck will keep on ejecting clippings and you will never ever run out of capacity. It is a tractor that likes to cut grass. It will never ask you for any break.


The blades can be easily replaced at any time as its RapidReplace blade system guarantees safe and fast blade replacement. RapidReplace has established such a system that driver can replace its blade without using a single tool.


It comes with hydrostatic transmission but just like any other tractor this transmission is also pedal-operated. You can change speed and direction with pedal while not removing your hands from steering wheel.


 Main specification of Husqvarna TS246 46’’ ride on mower includes the following: Endurance Twin Cylinder 656cc, front bumper, 15’’ comfort seat and 46’’ reinforced steel deck. Aside these necessary specifications that gives a Husqvarna TS246 its name, there are also many others features as well that add to its reputation and importance. The other main features of the tractor are as follows: SmartSwitch push button start, Rapid Repplace blades, key-less operation, Electric Blade Engagement and front bumper.


No matter whether the operator is a young man or an old enthusiast over 80, almost every person can use it easily. If you are an old man over 80 and does not have much to do at home, there can’t be any better activity at morning than to cutting lawn grass. You won’t have to do anything for yourself. All you need to do is just push a button to start tractor and then again push another button to stop it. This is the simplest task that almost anyone can do easily be it an old grandpa or a teenager. You just need to maintain your balance on seat while sitting.


It comes with 2-year homeowner warranty. In case, there is anything you are not feeling comfortable with you can ask company to repair or replace at anytime during this time period. All the products are gone through strict checking criteria prior to shipping to customers. You can also get a finance deal easily if you are running low on budget and are looking for some ways to get it easily. 


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