Husqvarna TS242 42” Ride on Mower

Husqvarna-TS242-42-Ride.jpgA number of companies are dealing in lawn mowers but not all of them are fully aware of the needs of the customers. The industry has significantly changed since its birth. Earlier, the industry was quite small with few needs; however, the situation has changed a lot since then. Now, there has added so many things with these lawn mowers that it has turned into an entire separate industry just like automobile industry. Just like automobiles, you talk about transmission type, fuel tank capacity, engine power, rpm and many other things like that.

Out of all these companies, Husqvarna is one that is fulfilling all the needs of its customers while introducing many new features in the trade. The new Husqvarna TS242 ride on mower is especially designed for those people who own large gardens. They are particularly good for landowners who demand a big and fast moving machine for their vast gardens. Husqvarna TS242 is a comfortable tractor that provides high maneuverability. The pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission ensures trouble-free cutting operation.

In order to make things smooth and efficient, they have empowered it with U-Cut technology that makes you able to handle obstacles easily. Like most Husqvarna tractors, it also supports side ejection.

It is also best for medium sized homes where house owners can use it for maintaining their gardens. The body is durable and they have also attached a bumper to prolong its life period. Seat is extremely comfortable and you won’t feel tired even after an hour. After an hour, you can take a short break of ten to 15 minutes before going back to work. The machine is equipped with different indicators like battery indicators that will inform you about remaining battery life. The 107cm wide blade is sharp enough to cut all the grass that comes with its contact.

The speed and direction are normally handled with pedal so that you can focus on steering wheels. There are 2 grass collecting bins, one bio clip and towed accessories. The 9.4kW powerful engine operates at 2600 revolutions per minute. This tractor includes delicate headlights that enable you to work even when it is dark. The height of blade is adjustable as fender mounted deck lever is there for easy operation. It provides flexibility in your work. You can adjust the height of blades with its help.

Husqvarna says they are blessed to have an experienced team that performs its work so well. Every member at Husqvarna knows its job. Every product has to be passed by an inspector before it is dispatched. If the quality inspector is not happy, the product won’t go out of factory. They have authority to reject any product no matter how small the mistake was.

Every product is fully equipped with all the necessary accessories so people won’t have to spend any extra money once they have purchased a machine from Husqvarna. The other features included in this tractor are as follows: water hose, pivoted front axle, easy-access fuel cap, visible fuel level, wide tyres, cup holder, heavy cast front, powder-coated deck and adjustable sliding seat.


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