Husqvarna TS138 38” Ride on Mower

Husqvarna-TS138-38-Ride.jpgHusqvarna is not a new name amongst garden lovers. Almost every second home that loves to grow grass and flowers in their garden is familiar with this name. This is because this company facilitates the house owners when they need to cut long grass from their gardens. Husqvarna makes those lawn mowers that people use to cut grass. There is a long list of products by the company. Depending upon the size of the gardens and need of their customers, Husqvarna makes different lawn mowers. Every product includes its own benefits and is slightly different than others.

Such a product is TS138 38’’ ride on mower; a tractor chiefly designed for small to mid-sized gardens. The machine is user friendly as it is not much complicated to understand it. Almost every house-owner who has a little know-how of basic driving principles can drive this tractor. It supports side ejection.

Perhaps, the best thing about this lawn mower is its powerful engine. Unlike other brands, their engines don’t choke when you twist keys in ignition to turn engine on. The engines are originally from Briggs and Stratton and are chokless. Husqvarna purchases them from parent company to put in their tractor bodies. There are some other noticeable features of their engines as well. Engine is protected by high specified oil filters that keep the engine oil clean. The anti-vibration system ensures the body of the machine doesn’t vibrate too much as you drive it. It also includes pressure lubrication.

It has a convenient pedal-operated transmission with cylinder displacement equal to 508 cm³. The transmission type is CVT which is the first choice of most of the companies for this type of products. The 8.6 kW power ensures that you don’t feel any hurdle during your cutting activity. The TS138 tractor offers smooth cutting experience because it is equipped with a powerful engine that can easily handle high level pressure. The cutting width of the machine is 97 cm.

In order to keep the things smooth, the functions have been divided. Like, you can control speed and direction by pedals while keeping hands on steering wheel. It provides you optimum driving control.

This particular tractor is not like those machines that you can’t use during harsh winter. It is equipped with trailers, brushes and snow blades which make it a useable machine throughout the year.

The capacity of fuel tank is 5.7 l and it is powered with a 12 V battery.

When it comes to noise effect, it ensures that operator doesn’t listen a sound higher than 85 dB(A). This is the maximum noise operator will have to bear up. Seats are made of vinyl material.

Because of these stated qualities, Husqvarna TS138 tractors are becoming the first choice of people all around. People from outside country are also showing their interest in purchase of this machine. The company is expected to produce these tractors for a long time.


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