Husqvarna Chainsaw Review

Husqvarna_Chainsaw.jpegHusqvarna is a household name as far as chainsaws are concerned, and is one of the few brands people trust with their eyes closed when purchasing a chainsaw for their sawing needs at home or in the workshop. With some really popular models on their catalog, Husqvarna is one brand that people have come to trust when it comes to chainsaws. Their attention to detail, excellent built quality, and performance are exemplary. There are quite a few chainsaw models that Husqvarna is well known for, and here are some of those.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher

This 55.5cc beast is arguably the best known Husqvarna model of all time. Built with superior throttle response and providing great durability and usability for years, the Rancher is a formidable machine. Husqvarna uses advanced technology to optimize the air intake and air flow inside the system, and this results in improved performance across the board. The Rancher can accommodate 14 ounces of fuel, and is relatively low noise for a machine with such a powerful engine. The material and parts used are all of a very high quality, and Husqvarna uses captive screws that do not fall out to hold things in place.

Husqvarna 435

The Husqvarna 435 is a lightweight, easy to use all-rounder which combines great performance with superior usability. The machine is a breeze to start, and has the same advanced technology which is used in bigger chainsaws to minimize fuel consumption. The low vibration model is ergonomically built and uses a combined control for choke and stop for easier operation. The fuel level is indicated by a meter and it is extremely easy to access, clean and replace the air filter. The 435 requires very little maintenance, and its durability and price make it a great choice for light to medium sawing needs.

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