How to Use a Chainsaw Safely


Chainsaw Safety Tips

Chainsaws can come in quite handy in your household- you can take care of a variety of cutting and sawing needs with one machine which does not take a lot to use and operate effectively. Chainsaws come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and have operating instructions specific to the model you are using. Usually, all it takes is a good understanding of the operating instructions and a little practice with the tool. However, since a chainsaw is a power cutting and sawing tool, you need to take a number of safety precautions while using one to avoid the risk of injury. Here are a few tips that might help –


  1. Before you start operating a chainsaw, you need to have a clear understanding of how it works and the process of operating it. Thoroughly read and understand the operating instructions before switching it on for the first time. If you have trouble comprehending any part of the instructions, enlist the services of someone who is proficient with a chainsaw to show you how to operate one before starting to use one yourself.

  2. Be aware of all local legislation and directives before operating a chainsaw. Make sure you know about health and safety recommendations that you need to follow.

  3. While using a chainsaw, make sure you are in an environment which is well ventilated and brightly lit.

  4. Right from helmets and eye gear, to boots and gloves, make sure that you use right kind of personal protective equipment and gear when operating a chainsaw.

  5. Using a chainsaw requires unflinching concentration. Therefore, use one only when you are well rested and not troubled by physical or mental fatigue.

  6. Learn how to maintain your chainsaw and how to inspect it for worn out or damaged parts so as to avoid any accident.
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