How to Tune a Husqvarna Chainsaw


Husqvarna Chainsaw

Ensuring good performance of a Husqvarna chainsaw is pertinent to its smooth operation and total functionality. It has various technical aspects that you need to understand in order to take proper care of this machine.

Following are instructions to tune a Husqvarna chainsaw:

  • Before starting the machine, you need to ensure that the air filter is not plugged with a foreign material such as sawdust. You should also ensure that the fuel tank is at least half full.

  • After starting the engine, you should leave it to idle for some time to warm it up. You should squeeze the throttle to keep it running until the engine doesn’t race at full throttle. Avoid doing this while the engine is still cold, as it might cause serious damage to engine.

  • Attach the tachometer to the saw. Consult your user manual to determine the exact RPM that needs to be maintained.

  • Adjust the saw’s idle speed using a flathead screwdriver. Excessive tightening tends to decrease the fuel mixture’s richness, while loosening does the opposite, so strive to attain the right balance.

  • Slowly tighten the “L” screw until then your chainsaw’s engine starts starving for fuel.

  • Come back to “T” screw and adjust it again. There might be a chance that it might have changed all this while.

  • Now, you have to give the saw full throttle and then adjust the “H” screw. Tighten it until your saw’s engine starves. Thereafter, start loosening until it begins bogging down. You have to find a comfortable setting between these two points wherein the saw starts running smoothly.

  • You have to start releasing the throttle and check out the “L” screw’s setting again. Make all the necessary readjustments.

  • Finally, you have to come back and check the “T” screw”. Make readjustments in its idle speed. This time around, you have to tighten the screw, until the chainsaw starts running smoothly. This has to be your final setting.
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