How to Do Garden Edging For Your Garden


Garden Edging Tips

Gardening is an enjoyable and fun activity that is enjoyed by both the young and old. However, garden edging is something that may be overlooked for beginners who are interested to have their own garden. Garden edging serves many purposes. One of which is to build a barrier between the garden and lawn to enhance the aesthetics, making it look neater. Another practical reason is to prevent the spread of grass into your garden. It also helps in keeping bedding or mulch in the garden. Here are some methods on how to do garden edging for your garden. 


Garden edging is often the last step in building a garden. It gives your garden a sense of completeness. Before you start garden edging, decide the location of the garden edge. Make use of a string line for straight lines and a garden hose to lay your design if you would like your borders to be curved. Adjust and bend the string line and lose to your desired pattern. Then spray a stripe of marking so that the hose and string line can be removed from the work area. Use the markings as a reference to know where to stop and start digging. 


For vertical garden edging, use a shovel to dig a trench along the edge of the sprayed line. This is the position where you put the garden edging before placing the soil back on both sides. Enlarge the trench and make it slightly wider if you are using a block style or concrete garden. Add some sand to the bottom of the hole to set the pavers in. The sand will settle after some time so it would be fine if they stick up above the ground level. 


Garden edging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There will definitely be one which can suit your needs and requirements. 

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