Garden Edging Techniques You Can Try At Home

Garden_Edging_Techniques_You_Can_Try_At_Home.JPGGarden edging is one of the best ways to enhance the design of a landscape. There is a plethora of edging techniques out there that can ensure clean and decorative look of your garden.  Following are some garden edging techniques that can be tried at home:


Boulder Technique:

It is an extremely simple technique to apply. You just need to have large sized rocks that measure approximately 8 inches. Thereafter, you need to place them around a garden bed. You can consider using rocks that vary in terms of colour and shape. It is a great method to give your garden an organic yet appealing look.


Flagstone Technique:

Flagstone is an extremely popular stone for using in landscapes. People having even a basic idea about this stone can easily recognize it. This stone has a flat and wide surface with uneven edges. In order to create simple edging with this stone type, you would have to keep stacks of this stone and place them together throughout the garden.


Diagonal Brick:

If you want to give your garden a beautiful appearance, then you should consider this landscaping idea. All you have to do is create a diagonal brick appearance by building a relatively small trench across a chosen garden bed. Thereafter, you have to set the bricks in the trench in order to ensure that they are laid diagonally on the top of each other. The final view should resemble little pyramids made of bricks.


If you at a loss of creative ideas, then you can consult an expert landscape designer and take a cue on designs. Creating an attractive and beautiful edging requires to have keep eye for every aspect of the landscape. You can go ahead and choose anything that catches your attention. It can be sea shells or wooden planks as well. Bricks are the most widely used garden edging material, so you should always keep them in the back of your mind while thinking of garden edging design.

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