Echo SRM22GES Straight Shaft Trimmer

Echo_SRM22GES_Straight_shaft_Trimmer.JPGShaft trimmers or line trimmers as they are commonly called are of two types: straight and curved. Curved shaft trimmers can be operated with battery or electricity but they are less powerful and have short reach. Straight shaft trimmers are exactly their opposite that have long reach and are more powerful because they are powered by petrol fuel. They are very powerful shaft trimmers that can easily cut tough grass that others can’t. They can be used on trees, along fences and at some other difficult places where it becomes impossible to use ordinary line trimmer.


Straight shaft trimmers are also commonly called brushcutters. These brushcutters are very durable and usually work for a longer period of time. They are made for large yards and stiff weeds where even shaft trimmers fail to produce desired results. 


ECHO’s SRM22GES straight shaft trimmer is equipped with ECHO’s ‘ES’ Easy Start system that makes it easy to turn engine ON/OFF. Its ‘Tap-and-Go’ strategy has made it more convenient and easy to use. You touch a button and it starts working, then again it stops when you press another button. The 21.2cc engine displacement produces an output of 0.67kW.


The cutting head is made of Nylon. There is more than one blade that can easily fit in cutting head. In order to make your hands shake-free, they have equipped it with a soft rubber grip. The grip enhances your cutting experience as you don’t have to fight with vibration issue. Other important features include the following: one piece crankshaft, low engine emissions and heavy duty vented clutch. Total weight of the product doesn’t exceed 4.4 KG.


Interested buyers can purchase this product from nearby shopping store. Plus, there are also online stores from where you can buy this trimmer. In case, you are facing difficulties in locating it online, you can contact store’s customer service department and tell them to include this product in their product range. It can take some days for them to fetch this product from company.


It also comes with 5-year domestic and 2-year commercial warranty. In case, there is something you are not happy with you can contact the customer service department of ECHO and register your complaint. Within minutes, your application will be sent to higher authorities who take appropriate actions according to the stated problem.


A good shaft trimmer is the one that is lightweight, has a transparent fuel tank, long reaching rod and sharp blade. If this is the first time you are going to purchase a shaft trimmer, you can take help from customer reviews and helping videos containing tips for the first-time buyers available on YouTube and other websites.


A famous company like ECHO has a huge fan base. Contact a person who is already using this straight shaft trimmer and take some pieces of advice. The people who are currently using this product are ultimate judges who can either approve or reject a product on the basis of their personal experience.


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