Echo HC1500 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Echo_HC1500_Petrol_hedge.jpgHC1500 petrol hedge trimmer is another super product produced by ECHO. ECHO has been serving its customers for past many years and their next generation products are now in stores. Petrol Hedge trimmer is such a product that has everything a customer looks for when it comes to buying a hedge trimmer. It features a powerful 21.2cc engine, an extremely well balanced hedge cutter with twin blade machine. Engine produces an output of 0.6kW. The 2-stroke engine runs on petrol.


ECHO HC1500 petrol hedge trimmer is also very lightweight that makes it easy-to-use machine. They have fitted a state of the art technology air filter in it that cleans up air at three different stages. All the main buttons have been set at single location so you don’t have to locate them on different locations. The ground blades are extremely sharp and precise. They use latest laser technology to precisely cut and design these blades. The total length of the cutter is 444mm. Pitch of the blade is 35mm.


They have used vibration-isolating technology that makes machine vibration to minimum and reduces operator fatigue. This technology reduces machine to vibrate at rate of 18.2m/s².In this way, the machine stays in total control of the operator and does not become shaky. With more relaxed hands, he stays in a better position to focus more on cutting instead of controlling his hand. The technology ensures that operator does not feel shaky while he works.


You can even adjust the height of cutting blades. It not only gives you comfort but also extends the life of cutting blades. Fine blades ensure you get the maximum out of dual-blade system.


You have ease to check the fuel tank beforehand. You can easily check the level of fuel in the tank to avoid any interruption while cutting. Open the mouth of the tank to pour fuel in it and then again close it by twisting; the maximum petrol you can pour in is 0.30 l.


 If there is anything in the machine you feel not doing good, you can contact company at any time as ECHO is offering 5-year domestic and 2-year commercial use warranty. In order to get the best price offer, you better contact the authorized dealer of the company as they have authority to give customers some relaxation.


In case of any problem, you can submit your complaint online by visiting the company website. Your application will reach high authorities within minutes who take appropriate steps according to the problem. ECHO is fully determined to serve their customers and there is nothing that can stop them from doing this. The team at ECHO is professional and all team members are fully trained. They know their job best. ECHO machines give you the best performance. They are least noisy which ensures a great grass cutting and lawn maintaining experience for you. Also, your neighborhood will stay happy from you.



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