Echo GT22GES Line Trimmer (Whipper Snipper)

Echo-GT22GES-line-Trimmer.jpgLine trimmers or whipper snippers, as they are commonly called, are lawn trimmers used for trimming purposes. They come in various types like petrol, cordless and electric. Cordless lawn trimmers are actually battery powered trimmers that don’t need electricity for operation. These versatile and light weight cutting machines are considered best for small home backyards. They are handy as they can easily reach areas where ordinary lawn mower can’t work. You can use it on walls, along fences, trees and garden beds.

Like any other business, there are a number of companies dealing in this business and almost every company has its own special products they make for their customers. Such a company is Echo that makes GT22GES line trimmers. This whipper snipper is becoming very popular among the masses. Almost every online shopping cartel is selling this product. Positive reviews by the potential customers who have purchased and used this product can be read on these famous online shopping stores like Amazon. Amazon features a number of positive reviews about this product. These are the genuine real people who have personally used this product and presented their feedback in shape of a review afterwards.

Echo GT22GES is a curved shaft line trimmer. This type of trimmer is best for household usage as it is easy to operate. The other straight-shaft trimmers are more powerful and also have longer reach but they are heavy in weight.

It features 2-stroke petrol engine. Petrol engines are the first choice of people as they produce more power and perform well even on tough stiff grass where battery operated line trimmers get failed. Refueling is easy; you don’t need to carry any extra tools when it comes to refueling GT22GES trimmers. Its transparent fuel tank enables you to check whether or not you are running low on fuel. 2-stroke engines are generally smooth in working but they can produce pollution. So, if you are a person who is allergic to smoke pollution, you better cover your face with a piece of cloth.

The 4.5kg weight makes it ultra lightweight means even your grandma can use it in backyard when she has nothing to do inside home. Other important standard specs and features include the following: anti-vibe mounts & soft rubber grip, quality diaphragm carburetor, CDI ignition, heavy duty bearings, durable full crankshaft engine design and tap and go ‘bump feed’ head. 

Echo’s unique ES starting system ensures smooth starting operation. It also includes some basic safety standards to ensure operators safety. It includes a clutch that stops cutter from spinning when motor idles; it means you can freely walk around. In other clutchless models, you need to be careful as line is still rotating and it is not safe to go near it. Specially, keep an eye on little children and don’t let them go near it while you are working with line trimmer. 


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