Common Riding Lawn Mower Problems and Solutions


Lawn Mower Problems and Solution

Riding lawn mowers happen to be one of the most useful tools when it comes to keeping a lawn in good shape and in trimming of grass and bush. However, these mowers have their share of problems that one needs to be aware of. Following are some of common problems faced by mower owners and their solutions:

        1.      Engine Doesn’t Crank:

In some cases, this problem might have an extremely easy solution. Firstly, you should confirm that every safety feature of the mower is functioning properly. Ensure that parking break is turned on and operator is seated on the mower. If even a single safety switch is not activated properly, then you won’t be able to start the lawn mower. Other possible issues that cause this problem are loose battery cable leads, loose or pinched wires etc.

        2.     Engine Cranks but fails to start:

If the mower doesn’t start, then you should consider checking the fuel level. There’s also a possibility that fuel might be blocked or clogged.  You need to ensure that choke is fixed properly. The position of choke tends to vary depending upon the model of the mower, so you need to go through the operator manual in order to be certain about its positioning.

        3.     Smoke in the Engine:

If there’s excessive oil in the engine, then it starts smoking. Examine the level of oil in the engine and remove any excess oil. If you still notice smoking coming out from the engine, then it might be possible that the engine is losing the crankcase vacuum. You should check the defected crankcase vacuum pressure in this case.

        4.     Excessive Vibration:

If the blade, pulleys or spindles of the mower are damaged, then you might experience excessive vibration. You should immediately replace broken parts of the mower. A damaged or twisted belt can also be the culprit. If it has worn, then you should immediately replace it.

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